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Our story began 6 years ago in the south east of UK with a passionate dog lover who wanted to give their furry friend the best life possible. As any pet-parent knows, some of the least glamorous parts of pet-parent are often the most important. Whether you’re training a new puppy or helping an old friend during their golden years, housetraining is a crucial part of creating a healthy bond and a happy life.

Founded with the vision of making superior-quality housetraining products more readily available to
consumers, PetCellence was created to give pet-parents one less thing to worry about when training their four-legged besties. Today, PetCellence is a small and passionate family-run business. While that much is still the same, over the past 6 years we’ve gained invaluableinsight into our customers, the pet care industry, and manufacturing processes, allowing us to deliver highly-effective products that protect against life’s thrills and spills.


This is an excellent product, it's well made, secure and non slip on wooden floors. This is the first time I have used puppy pads but my 5 year old puppy keeps going back to it knowing what it is for so I think there is a specific scent built into the pad that attracts the dog to it. So, overall a great product

Lorna, UK


Jacob is a very intelligent puppy he picks things up very quickly and is now fully trained to the mats . as a disabled person this helps me a lot as i find bending very painful. So thank you very much for such a good product

Pauline, UK


Nice size. Very absorbent, I put them by the kitchen door and patio door as well, so even when not used (for toileting), they soak up the wet/mud from they're paws, when they come in and out the garden, and they stay down for a week

Sarah, UK