About Us

Our story began in 2016 in the south east of England as passionate dog lovers who wanted to give their furry friend the best life possible. As any pet-parent knows, some of the least glamorous parts of pet-parenthood are often the most important. Whether you’re training a new puppy or helping an old friend during their golden years, housetraining is a crucial part of creating a healthy bond and a happy life.

Founded with the vision of making superior-quality housetraining products more readily available to consumers, PetCellence was created to give pet-parents one less thing to worry about when training their four-legged besties. Today, PetCellence is a small and passionate UK family-run business. While that much is still the same, over the past years we’ve gained invaluable insight into our customers, the pet care industry, and manufacturing processes, allowing us to deliver highly-effective products that protect against life’s thrills and spills.

We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that all PetCellence products consistently meet premium quality standards. This commitment to excellence has enabled us to deliver uncompromising value and build a loyal family of customers across the globe.

Each product in the PetCellence range is geared toward protecting your pet, your home, and your peace of mind. Our current premium offering includes cat and dog litter, dog waste bags, puppy training pads, and eco-conscious dog nappies that are ultra-absorbent and 100% leak-proof.

Along with our top-quality products, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service that makes each of our customers feel like part of the PetCellence family. As we grow into the future, we look forward to expanding our range of premium pet care products, while becoming one of the top brands on Amazon and within the e-commerce space. Throughout this journey, we remain steadfast in our dedication to retaining the small family business mindset that has helped us create thousands of happy customers over the past 6 years.

"Make messes and stresses a thing of the past with PetCellence" - the UK family brand bringing excellence back into pet care products.