PetCellence® Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags with Tie-Handles 300 Bags

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Scoop the poop with PetCellence premium eco poo bags!

Don’t you hate that awkward moment when your beloved one makes a mess outside? We all do. But it doesn’t have to be that unpleasant if you have a convenient tool like the PetCellence dog waste bags right next to you.

Our supreme-quality, large dog poop bags rolls are here to get rid of the visible waste and unpleasant smell fast & easy.

The PetCellence black 17-micron thick & strong poo bags dog are your confidence-boosting and frustration-reducing puppy starter kit.

Why PetCellence poop bags dog?

🐶 Trusted brand

🐶 Premium black pet bags (discrete)

🐶 Bio-based cornstarch blend

🐶 Large size

🐶 Scented (baby powder)

🐶 Thick material

🐶 300 Bags with tie-handles (3+ months supply)

Opaque and large in size with dog poo bag rolls dispenser

These large doggie bags measure 7 inches in width and 14.5 inches in length, which makes them large enough to easily pick up a small or large dog waste, without any nasty accidents. Deep, thick and wide enough for leak-proof and tear-proof dog poop clean up. The tie-handles helps in more hygienic handling of the bag and easier to tie a knot.

Engineered to perfection, they are here for you to endure the roughest of duties and messes!

Our earth-friendly and biodegradable dog bags are safe for the environment made with cornstarch, throw away any plastic dog bag you may have, and use PetCellence doggie bags. These supreme doggy poop bags were sensibly designed to decompose into carbon dioxide and water within 18 months of their disposal.

Protect the earth, but protect your pocket too – this package gets you 300 bags for 3+ months’ supply.

Finally, you can have confidence when dealing with your dog mess. Your thick, black and supreme dog poop bags are just 1 click away.

These eco-friendly dog bags poo are your perfect accessory for dog walking.