PetCellence® Puppy Training Pads 50 Pack | Toilet Training For Pet Dogs

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Wish dog potty training could be easier?

Cleaning after your dog urine is part of a dog owner’s duty. Imagine the mess your pups make whenever they pee on your expensive carpet and rugs. Now that’s going to be a handful!

You’ve tried using pet pads to safeguard your wooden floors, but most puppy pads large you’ve used were a disappointment. Your dogs end up dragging the pet training pads all over the room.

No more messy cleanups and yellow puddles with PetCellence’s Puppy Training Pad!

PetCellence provides you with a cost-effective and long term simple solution for puppy potty training needs. Our dog pads super absorbent 6 layers construction provides maximum protection and absorbency all day long. Each dog wee pads can hold upto 6 cups of liquid, which turn into a gel to prevent leaking.

Our dog pad superior absorbing power is just the tip of the iceberg. Infused with strong-scented attractant to encourage your puppies to wee on the dog potty pads and nowhere else.

The large puppy pads and thicker size will come in handy for dogs of all breeds and sizes. The adhesive sticky labels on the back of these dog sheets firmly holds even on the slipperiest floors to prevent your pets or the strong breeze from dragging the dog training pad. These pet pee pads can be used with or without puppy pad holder tray. As a new puppy essentials, these dog trainer pads are the best starter kit you can have. Our doggy pads are excellent for use in the home, car, under the dog litter box, as feeding bowls mat, as dog crate pad or whelping box mats or even as cat pads and outdoors on your travel. 
Perfect to be used an aid to puppy kit for litter housetraining for dogs .

Finally, puppy potty training and clean ups are made easier! Add PetCellence Puppy Training Pads 50 to your basket TODAY!