Puppy Pads for Toilet Training

If you have a lovely pup, and he keeps peeing everywhere in the house, even on your expensive carpets and furniture, you will surely be irritated and agitated. Either you will try to stop him forcefully or punish him, but he will not bother and keep doing that. So using force or punishing will not solve the solution.

The only solution is to train your pup toileting in a specified area all the time. Your pup will develop an association, and this association will help you train your beloved puppy. Behavioural science helps us understand a pup’s behaviour, and this knowledge can be used to train your puppy for toileting properly. Sit back! This article will educate you about puppy toilet training and the benefits of using puppy pads.

Puppy toilet training

The first and foremost fundamental principle for toilet training is to be patient. You should not get frustrated when your puppy makes a mistake, or you encounter an accident. Your pup will make mistakes during learning. Plus, puppy toilet training takes time, and you should not expect more than your puppy can offer to you. Following are some essential facts you should take in your mind while toilet training your puppy.

  1. Every breed’s internal structure and function are different. For example, some pups need more frequent toilet breaks due to physiology, while others need less. Every breed’s learning ability is also different. Some puppies learn very fast, while others can take months.
  2. Moreover, your pup’s holding time correlates with age. A pup can only hold his bladder after 16 months of age; before that, you can make him control his bladder. If your pup’s age four months, he can control his bladder for five hours (pup’s age in months+1).

Keep your eyes on the puppy

You should be aware of the skills of a trainer. During the training period, you, as a trainer, can’t leave your pup alone. Therefore, you should keep a constant eye on your dog and frequently take him to a potty pad. You should take him to the potty pad after every 15 minutes. You better waste a trip than encounter an accident.

Although it is difficult to remember to take your pup after every 15 minutes, you can set a timer or an alarm. In addition, you should learn the indicating signs to confirm the needs of toileting. The obvious signs are whining, circling, and sniffing the ground. When your puppy expresses these signs, you should take him to his potty pad.

Some pups give you a hard time while training; for those pups, you can use a long leash tied to a piece of furniture or your waist to restrict the movement and keep them attentive. In addition, the training area should be free from distractions so that your pup does not find it challenging to learn.

Use puppy pads

PetCellence offers you superior absorbing power puppy pads that give you a cost-effective and lifetime solution to toilet training. Dogs don’t like the soiled area to sleep; if you introduce the pads so that your pup does not feel it a punishment, it will be far easier to toilet train your puppy.

Your puppy pad problem is the responsibility of PetCellence, and we are pretty much aware of your needs. We provide six-layer fabric puppy pads for maximum absorption; our puppy pad can hold five to six cups of liquid, quickly turns any liquid into a gel to avoid leakage.

Conditioned learning is significant for dogs. You may have heard about ringing a bell and a dog’s mouth becoming full of saliva. It is conditioned learning in which ringing a bell stimulates the dog’s behaviour of taking a meal. Using the same principle, we added natural attractant to our pads. The smell will make your puppy used to the pad whenever needs toilet. 

The outstanding features of our puppy pads are

  • 200% better absorbency than regular pad.
  • 6 Layer for maximum protection with no leakage.
  • Large size make it ideal for small and medium size pup's.
  • Strong attractant entice, engage and encourage your puppy using the pad.
  • Adhesive sticky tabs on the back sheet keep the pad in place on the slipperiest surfaces for safe and target training.
  • Multi purpose beside potty training, can be used for accident cleaning, dog crate liner, under food/water bowl or cat litter pads etc.

Reward your puppy

You should know that rewarding is another form of learning. If you reward a dog for any act, he will feel pleasure to do it again. Therefore, after successful toileting, you should reward your dog with a treat so that he learns the training well and keep continuing doing that. You should waste time finding the treat from the cupboard; instead, you should keep the treat beside the toilet training area to immediately offer it to your dog.

Final thoughts

PetCellence has made puppy toilet training far easier. Now you don’t feel uncomfortable because of clean-ups your dog has made before toilet training. Cleaning your dog’s shit over and over is very exhausting. It is better to add PetCellence Puppy Pads to your cart, and start toilet training your pet to make your life at ease with premium product.